Saturday, November 15, 2014

Some new things I've found today.

This is my first blog, so a little about me should come first. I've been teaching for 10 year now and this is my first year in a new school district. Right now (and hopefully for a long while!) I teach 6th grade science in Berwyn in a 1:1 classroom. I'm so excited to begin sharing with and learning from a community of teachers! 

Today I found a really great site for creating quizzes for the classroom that work like the bar games where you play a community quiz game and that are much easier to navigate than setting up Smart Clickers, sorry for the un-endorsement Smart Technologies, but this is way less clunky. Check it out at Kahoot! You can check out my account, but I haven't created any quizzes yet. Hopefully there will be lots to come!

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